Precision since 1994

Whenever complex and precise metal processing is required, we offer premium-quality milling, lathing and grinding services – and we have done so for twenty years. Our customers' benefit is two-fold: Firstly, from our flexibility in being able to promptly process single components and small lots at a fair price – even in extremely urgent cases – and secondly, from our new high-performance machinery integrated in a CAD-CAM network that enables rapid transfer of program data.

3D milling, simultaneous 5-axis milling, 7-axis boring mills, and lathing with power tools – these are just a few examples of our services. Our customers include renowned machine manufacturers and engineering contractors – mainly in wind power and turbine industries but also in the automotive sector, for whom we manufacture highly complex tools for processing engine components and transmissions. We also manufacture the following for our customers: transmission shafts, cable winches, planetary gears, transmission and bearing housings, pistons and cylinders, tables, frames and rolls. EQM ISO 9001

We are looking forward to working with you and hope to impress you with our performance – with ISO 9001 certification – and punctuality.